Customized Development

Orient Professionals focuses on meeting your needs. We use our technical and business know-how to develop applications that are custom developed to fit your business environment. Our consulting approach would also suggest any process improvements that are needed to leverage the technology as much as possible.

Our experience in developing applications in various languages and on various platforms allows us to make judicious decisions while selecting platform and designing software architecture.

We will help you in designing and developing end-to-end web based systems, distributed systems, comprehensive business solutions using .Net framework, etc. Our approach ensures that you are involved at all the levels so that our development efforts result in a better product. 

We understand the urgency to realize your investment in IT, so we ensure that the deliverables are defined in phases relevant to the business needs. 

We always strive to help our clients succeed. We deliver effective solutions on time and within budget.

 IT Consultation

Orient Technologies works closely with divercified business sectors and industries for their Information Services, Engineering and Technological consultation requirements in order to impriove their productivity, quality and reduce cost of operations.

Our solutions have helped many clients to cut short their business information management, streamlining their business process with increased productivity with higher availability. Our solutions have helpled them manage their inventory, manufacturing, ordering, sales, customer support and employee management.

Web based interface have helped businesses to track business operations, product supply and commitment, better and accurrate customer support and information management. Orient Technologies provides all necessary consultation and solutions that may be required by an organisation, both at the employee and management level.

We help our clients with scientific and technological solutions,  finding, extracting, analysing and transforming the informtion to their requirements and asisiting them till the time they get grip of the new upgrades.

With todays technological advancements with our Information Technology consultation, your organisation can benefit aiming for higher, catering much higher number of clients,  improved and dedicated customer handling, issue based tracking, and achieve business milestones faster and at lowered cost. 

We have all expertise on providing your organisation top of the class Information technology consultation, excellent web enabled software solutions, Website integration, 100% IT maintenance and all that you may need for your organisation to conentrate on the core business activities. We ensure that every piece of your information is managed securely and that you and only you have exclusive access to it.

Our Offshore software development team allows us to lower cost of development with increased software quality, which again is passed to you. Our centers offer round the clock support for your business, ensures that you can contact us as and when you may need us. Our teams can also research on your requrements, extract necessary information from your compitition and formulate a solution that fits your requirement.