POS Application Point Of Sale Online Demo

If you are looking for a complete business system that will take care of all your business needs, then look no further. The RSI business system solutions consist of a specially designed Retail Soft program and top of the line Point-of-Sale equipment like the RSI POS Terminal.

Although designed like a cash register with easy learning and multiple functions, this system has much more. It’s a computer system that offers all the traditional features plus inventory control, bar code scanning, purchasing and receiving, integrated accounting, customer tracking, employee information, password protection and detailed reporting. A system that will let you take control of your business!

Multi Store Software

Retail Soft is a true multi-store program. If you have two or more stores, you can tie them together and generate comprehensive consolidated sales and inventory reports.
You can control pricing, inventory, ordering, and receiving and customer tracking from your central location.

With the touch of a button, you can determine precisely what inventory you have in each location, which is selling more that others, which needs an item, and which is overstocked. You can change cost and prices, put items on sale, and put items on order from a central location, the n send your changes to each store on the scheduled unattended nightly polling.

Cut down on time consuming, costly telephone calls between each store and the main office to check stock availability.
Send an inventory look-up files to all stores automatically and give each store the ability to see the stock available in all stores.

Is inventory transfer becoming an uncontrollable headache? No more. Retail soft multi store allows each location to log inter-store transfer, and inventory is updated automatically when the night polling is done.
Send inter-store e-mail and save money and time for in-chain communication.
Synchronize branch stores and main office data whenever desired and be assured of the accuracy and integrity of your information.