POS Application

Following online POS demo's are available for viewing. In order to view then the best, you need to watch them in full screen more which can be done by pressing F-11 key. The same key when pressed again brings back the Windows Explorer settings  to normal.

Please note that the demo may take a several minutes to load.
Introduction to Retail Soft
Find outlook and different options available in Retal Soft,  necessary for day-today operations.
Product Categories
Check the features necessary for defining the product categories and linking them togather.
Product Sub Categories
Find Sub Categories, also termed as Departments being defined.
Vendor management database.
Product Defination
Detailed information on product defination and multiple product paramaters
Product Ordering
Want to track products with their previous purchases, cost and vendor? Retail Soft provides previous purchase history, very effective to track and manage your purchase cost.
Product Replinishment / Receiving
Receive products with RF devices.
Retailing / Sale
Effective sales screen. Instant sale options. Extremely fast. Sell items at lightning speed, discounts, refunds, multimode payments, product lookup, alternate prices and much more.
End Of Day Reports
See the Dayend report offered by Retail soft.