How we execute offshore software development projects

In Orient we have elaborated two major directions of consulting services:  

Offshore IT outsourcing consulting

If you are in doubt whether the offshore IT outsourcing is suitable for your organization, you must make a decision for the following issues:

How can my organization benefit from outsourcing?
What projects or modules does it make sense to outsource?
What business model is the best one for my organization?
What outsourcing vendors are the leaders in my industry?
What can we do to ensure an effective implementation for my organization?
What are my competitors doing in regards to outsourcing?

 Orient will help you to solve these problems. We have a proven methodology that capitalizes on our extensive experience and research. Our best consultants will visit your site for the period of inception and communication establishment. Usually this period includes the following stages:

Understanding the outsourcing needs of your organization:

This is crucial knowledge to move forward. Our specialists should understand what you expect to have by outsourcing your projects.

Outsourcing business model evaluation and selection:

Many different vendor relationship options are available. They range from contracting with domestic firms with offshore capabilities, outsourcing to pure-play offshore vendors, dedicated centers, or opting for the maximum control and building your own captive centers. Orient will help you decide on which operating model is the best for your company.

vendors evaluation and short-list creation:

The right supplier choice should not be done by its size or brand, but taking into consideration such critical success factors as domain knowledge, experience, processes, and maturity. Creating the necessary screens for short listing vendors is an extremely time consuming but important step.

Pilot RFP generation and proposals evaluation:

To perform first level vendors' evaluation we recommend to use RFP/Proposal based approach. Our consultants will create a pilot RFP sending it then to defined list of software outsourcing vendors. After responses analysis it will be possible to select up to 3 possible candidates for awarding.   

Final vendor selection:

Pilot projects are important but usually not enough to be sure that certain vendor can fit in your outsourcing and business model. We would recommend undertaking a personal visit to selected vendor to see its facilities and key people.

Process establishment:

Formulating an offshoring strategy and selecting the right offshore provider is only a part of the process of creating value from offshore outsourcing. The ability to manage and control service providers in order to produce desired results in spite of the distance and communication constraints and cultural obstacles is the most important driver of offshoring success.  

Technology consulting

The considerable expertise that our IT consultancy group has acquired over the years is available for both new and established businesses. Since its foundation, Orient has been accumulating technology and products knowledge in various domains, such as Configuration and Change Management, Test Automation, CASE tools, and Requirements Management.

Products mentoring:

You can utilize our expertise with different software products such as application servers, CASE tools, version control tools, change management and requirements management tools, etc.  

Technology mentoring:

Our top-level developers, analysts and architects can take part in your projects on a consulting basis enabling you to have efficient timely response to any technical problem that may appear