SEO Content Writting

First step towards online presence is to create a website that displays information related to your business and domain. Majority of websites today display the information about the organisation, offered product and services, contact information. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the next step after creation of a website. Majority of the visitors are routed through the search engines when people  try to find a specific set of information using search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Unless your site is been indexed and ranked high on these Search Engines (SE), it will be hard for people to get to know about your website and your site will have less or almost no visitors. Main purpose of a website is to display and help the visitors to seek information about your organisation, the services and products offered and all other related information. But if there are no visitors to your website, it does not solves any purpose.

Content is very important for the Search Engines and is the heart of any website. Content must be specific to the keywords that you plan for the Search Engine Ranking Process (SERP). A good content is the one that is good for Humans and Search engines both. Search Engines read the content of your website and seperates the keywords that you think are the best suited for your business. For example, a Software company may have content related to Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), Offshore Software Develoment, Website Design and Development, IT services and so on. Their content may also contain a large set of synonyms that may be relevent to your business. Today the search engines are very intellegent, powerful and fast. They evaluate your website on a number of criteria before granting you a Search Engine Ranking. The content must have integration between the main keywords, synonyms, links, bold words and the body text.

It is also important to perform the keyword analysis and search for similar keywords that may be perfect match for your website and the theme of the webpage. One must also constantly look to the site logs to check the keywords that drive traffic to your webiste. This will help you understand the page keywords that are been recognised by the search engines. Writing a content for Search Engine is very different instead of writing for a human being. A good content writer can write a content that is just perfect for a Search Engine as well as for humans, based on his experience. Mostly people search for the information based on the Generic Terms instead of the specific business term. For example, a user may search for "Develop Software" where as you may have optimized the content for "Offshore Software Development".

As mentioned, Search Engines today are very intellegent and smart. They understand theirt business mush better then ever. It is in best interest of every website to comply with the rules and regulations as directed by the Search Engines. We must design our website in compliance with Search Engines instead of tricking the Search Engines. This can ensure that your website will get its due credit and acheive proper ranking.  Ensure that your content is specific to your business activities. Search engines love related information. Ensure that you provide quality content to the Search Engines and the humans because the Search Engines helps humans to find your information. Also make sure that your content is fresh and is not been duplicated. Duplicated content is extremely bad and Search Engines can ban your website.