RSI System Features


Real time Inventory Control
Quick and Easy Data Entry
Detailed Information
Reports displayed or printed
Markup or Gross Margin Pricing
5 Price Levels per Product
999 Departments
Reorder Levels to Automate P.O
Product History Tracking
Multiple Vendors (5 per Item)
Items on Sale Report
Kit building for Promotions
Label generator for Shelf and Items
Bar Code Printing
Singles and Case Tracking
Multiple Packing Links
Matrix Features
Mix and Match Features

Quick Price Changes


Fast Transactions
Training Mode
UPC/Bar code Scanning
On-the-Fly Item Entry
Beginning Cash in Drawer
Sales Reports Menu
Tally of Merchandise Sold  
Browse Items Features  
Price Look Up
Discounts per Item & Sub Total
Store Coupons
Manufacturer Coupons
Kit Items
Special Orders
No Sale
Singles and Case Tracking
Gift Certificates

Suspended Sale


Purchase Orders by Vendor
P.O.’s by Item # or Vendor #
Automatic or Manual entry
Receive Product On-The-Fly
Purchasing Advisory Report
Vendor Menu with Listing
Edit and Receive Orders
Receive Orders Quickly
Special Orders
Ordering Reports Menu
Display and Print Orders
P.O History By Item
Payable History By P.O.
PUC Bar Code Printing
Warranty Tracking Option
Multiple Copy Printing
P.O.’s Direct By Fax / Modem
Update Cost & Pricing at screen

Freight & Shipping Charges


Daily Closing
Close Out Reports
Detailed Transaction Report
Summary Report
Salesman Commission Report
Sales By Department
Transactions by Range of Date
Employee Listing
Timecard Features
Password Protection
Station Authorization
Audit Trail Report
Lost of scrapped Report
Voided Transaction Report

Weekly Close-Out

Full Customer Tracking
Add Customer at Sales Screen
Track Customer Purchases
Detail Sales History by Invoice
Print Mailing List  
List by City, State Zip Code
Print Letters
Mail Merge

Tax Exempt Report