POS Application

Why Retail Soft?
Retail soft is one of the nation’s leading POS providers for the retail industry. Retail Soft, Ind. Is the designer and developer of specialized retail software. We provide business specific point-of-sale software for many different retail applications. With over 50 years of combined computer and retail experience, you can only expect the best.

Quality Product   
There are many equipment packages in the point of sale market. RSI takes great interest in testing all equipment peripherals to search for high tech, cost effective and reliable peripherals In the market. Many so called POS companies try to sell off-brand, low cost, old technology equipment RSI is committed to providing our customers with top of the line computer systems and peripheral systems.  

Ease of Use
Most people want or need to find a system to help them control their businesses more efficiently. Some of the major concerns are: Can I really learn to use a business computer system/ program? How am I going to teach my personnel to operate it? I s is going to take me longer to manage my business with a system like this? When RSI started to develop these programs, we were well aware of the objections that business people had when considering automation. We have those same discussions when we grow in our business. If there is a faster, easier and more cost effective way of doing things, there is no question of how, it’s when! With our RSI software program, we wanted to make sure that form sale clerk to management, the learning curve was minima. We also needed to streamline your current management process to give you more time to look at the total picture and do the things that are important to you. With our program, we have accomplished simple key strokes to quality visual screens that make sense.