e-Business Software

 Orient’s e-Business Software will help you transform your existing systems into e- Business models, and also with new businesses seeking to articulate their vision online and formulate their current e-business strategies. Orient provides IT strategy and architecture consulting services to commercial banks, Investment banks, asset management firms, insurance firms, brokerage firms and hedge funds. Our principal’s extensive experience and unique skills in business and technology enables us to provide highly independent and valuable advice to all  
our clients, 
 and particularly those involved in Financial Services. 

We provide solutions that comprise of web design, web content, data design, business transformation, shared services and interactive experience through our e-business software. In formulating an e-business strategy, we assist in evaluating e-business models and their associated revenue resources. Our services help companies understand how to appropriately re-engineer or create internal operating structures to realize additional value. Our e-Business Software enables companies to move from using the Internet as a communications tool to utilizing the Internet as a business platform.

Our business strategy group is also available to build "proof of concept", prior to full scale implementation, to determine if the feature the client plans to implement will best serve it, and it's customer's needs.